The Mistakes We make when selecting a neighbourhood

Questions to ask to avoid mistakes choosing the wrong neighbourhood

Questions to ask to avoid mistakes choosing the wrong neighbourhood

What made you choose the neighbourhood you’re in right now? Did you like how close it was to your job, or was it close to a major transportation hub? Were you drawn in by how many families live on the block, or did you love how many young professionals lived in the area? We all have different reasons for why we choose where we live today, but some of them may not have been good ones. Some people claim that their neighbourhood just “felt right,” but choosing your next living location based on how you feel isn’t very smart. Here’s how to avoid mistakes when choosing a neighbourhood.

You have found a house that you are absolutely in love with. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and it’s close to your friends, but there are a few small things. The neighbourhood has a slightly high crime rate, traffic can be a nightmare, but you are just so in love with the house! Don’t make the mistake of ignoring some of those glaring problems. Eventually the newness and novelty of your new home will wear off, and those “minor” problems will start to seem much bigger.

You may have heard that a certain neighbourhood has very low crime rates, or that it has the best school district in the country. You’ve read article after article about how great the nightlife is, and how low the town’s taxes are. One of the mistakes when choosing a neighbourhood is basing their decision off of a positive write-up in a travel magazine or a few positive anecdotes from friends. However, until you see definitive proof of any of the “positive” aspects of your new neighbourhood, don’t assume that all of this hearsay is true. ¬†Check out its educational statistics and scores, tax rates, and crime rates ¬†which I have compiled for you in my comprehensive Missisauga neighbourhood profiles.

Your neighbours may not seem like that major of a factor when you start to pick out your home. After all, it’s not like you have to live with them or spend time with them. Ignoring the people you’ll have to live near and talk to is a huge mistake, though. Obnoxious or inconsiderate neighbours have caused people to move in the past, and they could make your new home seem unlivable. If you want to get an idea of what your neighbours are like, just walk or drive around the area a few times and talk to a few people about the neighbourhood. When you look through the eyes of a casual observer and not a homebuyer, you’ll have a much better idea of what your neighbors will be like.

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