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Most Dangerous Cities to Live In in the World

After reading this, you will be a little more grateful for the relative peace and quiet of Ontario!

After reading this, you will be a little more grateful for the relative peace and quiet of Ontario!

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This city has ranked as one of the world’s most violent for many years. International resources suggest that, it has the highest homicide rates in the world -169 per 100,000 people. Arms trafficking is a big problem, and illegal firearms are prevalent throughout the city.

2. Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan is experiencing a great deal of political unrest, and crime as well as terrorism is rampant. Assassinations are common, as well as suicide bombings and gang warfare.

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

This has been one of the most dangerous cities in the world for some time. It is still a war zone, although U.S. troops are gradually being removed from the country. Terrorist attacks, including many bombings are common. Kabul is facing a very uncertain future and will probably be a very dangerous place for the foreseeable future.

4. Baghdad, Iraq

Bombings, gunfire and other violent events are common in Iraq. This country has been on the “do not travel” list for Americans for many years and Baghdad remains a dangerous place. The future of Iraq is extremely uncertain as U.S. troops are departing from the country. This is another war-torn country that is not likely to be safe anytime soon. Since the violence in Baghdad usually consists of unpredictable outbreaks of terrorism, it’s not a place that people should visit without a good reason.

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30 Facts about Mississauga You May Not Know

Missisauga is a fast growing city - here are some facts about it

Missisauga is a fast growing city – here are some facts about it

Mississauga is Canada’s sixth-largest city, located in the Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, west of Toronto. A part of the Greater Toronto Area, it is the largest lower-tier municipality in Ontario, and is also the largest suburban municipality in North America. It was purchased by the British in 1805 and incorporated as a city in 1974. Mississauga is a sister city of Kariya, Japan.

I want to share 30 interesting facts about Mississauga I have learned.

• Population 752,000 ( as of mid 2013)
• Population Prediction by 2041- 878,400
• Employment 413,325 employed workers ( as of mid 2012)
• Queen Elizabeth Highway was one of the first controlled access highways in the world and first opened in 1935
• 1968 Mississauga became a Town
• 1974 Mississauga became a City
• Over 55,000 businesses located here
• Canada’s 6th Largest City
• Ontario’s 3rd Largest City
• Canada’s safest City 9 years in a row
• Only 3 Mayors have been elected in Mississauga- Dr. Martin Dobkin ( the first mayor), Ron A. Searle and Hazel McCallion
• 26,000 residents live in “City Centre” area of Mississauga
• Canada’s busiest airport- Lester B. Pearson with over 400,000 flights a year and nearly 32 million guest annually. Flights to over 180 destinations in over 60 countries
• There are 7 major highways
• The “largest peacetime evacuation” occurred on November 10, 1979 when a 106 car freight train carrying explosive and poisonous chemicals derailed near Mavis Rd and Dundas St.
• More than 495 Parks
• 22km of waterfront
• 11 Community Centers
• 12 City owned/operated Arenas – can you name a few?
• Hotel rooms. We have over 9,176
• 18 Branches of the Mississauga Library System
• Square One has more than any other stores in Ontario- with over 350
• Since it’s doors open on October 7, 1997 over 5 million people have visited the Living Arts Centre
• Home of Trillium Health Partners which encompasses Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre- 2 of out 3 aint’ bad!
• Home of the Mississauga Steelheads
• Hurricane Hazel has won or been acclaimed in every mayoral elections since 1978- this makes her the nation’s longest serving mayor
• Over 60 of the Fortune 500 base their Global or Canadian Head Offices in Mississauga
• University of Toronto Mississauga has an enrollment of 10,000 students and is growing at about 1,000 per year
September 2011 the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College opened in the City Centre

Signs That Your House is Haunted

Is your house haunted? Here is how to tell

Is your house haunted? Here is how to tell

There are some indications that your house may be haunted. True hauntings are rare occurrences, and it may be difficult to determine whether or not any strange feelings you are experiencing in your home might be due to a haunting.

The first step is to determine, as best you can, whether or not you truly have a legitimate case of a haunting. Not all hauntings are alike, and they may exhibit a variety of phenomena. Some hauntings feature a single phenomenon – such as a particular door slamming shut that occurs repeatedly – while others consist of many different phenomena, ranging from odd noises to full-blown apparitions.
Here’s a partial list of signs that might indicate that your house is haunted:

1. Noises

Examples of noises can be footsteps; knocks, banging, rapping, scratching sounds, sounds of something being dropped. These noises can be subtle or they can be loud.

2. Opening and closing of doors, cabinets and cupboards

The home owner either hears the distinct sounds of the doors opening and closing or will return to a room to find a door open or closed when they are certain that it was left in the opposite position. Sometimes furniture, like kitchen chairs are perceived to have been moved.

3. Lights turning on and off

These events are seldom seen actually occurring, but the lights are switched on or off when the experiencer knows they were not left that way. This can also happen with TVs, radios and other electrically powered items.

4. Items disappearing and reappearing

This is the familiar experience of not being able to find a regularly used item – say, your set of car keys – which you believe you placed in a spot you routinely place them. But they’re gone and you look high and low for them with no success. Some time later, the keys are found – in exactly the place you normally put them. It’s as if the object was borrowed by someone or something for a short time, then returned. Sometimes they are not returned for days or even weeks, but when they are, it’s in an obvious place that could not have been missed by even a casual search.

5. Sightings of shadows

The sighting of fleeting shapes and shadows, usually seen out of the corner of the eye. Many times, the shadows have vaguely human forms, while other times they are less distinguishable or smaller.

6. Animal behavior

A dog, cat or other pet behaves strangely. Dogs may bark at something unseen, cower without apparent reason or refuse to enter a room they normally do. Cats may seem to be “watching” something cross a room. Animals have sharper senses than humans, and many researchers think their psychic abilities might be more finely tuned also.

7. Feelings of being watched

This is not an uncommon feeling and can be attributed to many things, but it could have a paranormal source if the feeling consistently occurs in a particular part of the house at a particular time.

The dangers that real estate agents face

Top tips for realtor safety

Top tips for realtor safety

As a real estate agent, we put ourselves at risk on a daily basis. We don’t even realize it. Meeting new clients, showing properties, hosting open houses and chauffeuring clients are all activities that may compromise our personal safety.

In my opinion, real estate is considered a high-risk profession. Real Estate agents have no formal training when they meet new clients for the first time or they are showing a vacant home. As a real estate professional, we are constantly putting ourselves at risk. The industry is an open field for criminals.

Below are some of the most common tasks that real estate agents face on a daily basis. I have included some tips of how to safely execute these simple tasks while being proactive at the same time.

1.Entering Vacant Homes

Vacant homes are typically supposed to be an unoccupied premise. However, vacant homes may attract squatters or former tenants refusing to leave. These homes sometimes may be damaged and a common meeting place for criminals.


1. Inspect the exterior: Walk around the house. Make sure there are no broken windows and smashed doors.
2. Don’t confront a squatter: If a squatter is in the house, leave. Call the police upon departure.
3. Buddy system: Take someone with you.
4. Visit during the day: Make appointments during the day. Visiting homes at night makes it dangerous.

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Unusual Homes from Around the World

Have you ever taken the time to see some of the most unusual homes from around the world? If you haven’t, I have taken the time to compile a top 10 list of some of the most unusual homes spotted across the globe. There are in no particular order. Please enjoy.

1. Transparent House in Japan

south peel homes-sam marji

2. The Teapot dome in Zillah, WA, USA

south peel homes-sam marji

3. The Basket House in Newark, Ohio.

south peel homes-sam marji

4. The Spaceship House in Chattanooga, TN, USA.

south peel homes-sam marji

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Top 5 Patios in Mississauga

With the warm weather comes with it the urge to sit on a nice patio and just kick back. During lunch hour, after work or even after supper, the resident’s of Mississauga are always in search of that one patio that they call home. I have compiled a list of what I think are the top 5 patios in Mississauga.

1. Failte Irish Pub

Failte Irish Pub is one of the largest patios right in the heart of Mississauga. The bar is well known for its after work crowd and has an extensive selection of fine whiskeys and imported beers. There are specials going on every night of the week and of course the bar is known for its live entertainment. This bar is a true must for the Irish at heart.

south peel homes-sam marji

2. Ten Restaurant

Ten Restaurant is located in the heart of Port Credit. This patio opens onto an open court where you can watch live music and shows as you sit and enjoy a cold beverage. Ten Lounge has something happening every night of the week, whether it is live music, food features or a DJ. You can always find a reason to visit one of the best spots Mississauga.

south peel homes-sam marji

3. &Company Resto Bar

Located in the heart of Mississauga’s City Centre is a rooftop patio that is absolutely breathtaking. Resto overlooks the downtown core and sits in front of the Marilyn Monroe Absolute condos. During the day, you can sit down and enjoy seasonal cuisine. At night, it transitions into a nightlife experience and you can enjoy premium cocktails from their rooftop bar.

south peel homes-sam marji

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Top 10 Worst Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Listing photos are the first point of contact that consumers come across when looking to purchase a home. The pictures really set the tone for the marketing strategy for that home. But what if there was something that just didn’t seem right? Have you ever come across some of the worst real estate photos ever? I have taken the time to compile a list of what I think are the top 10 worst real estate photos around. As they are in no particular order, these photos are not intended to offend anyone.

1. This person forgot to remove their hunter’s collection.

south peel homes-sam marji

2. It’s quite possible that someone’s body was burnt in this room.

south peel homes-sam marji

3. The photographers forgot to move.

south peel homes-sam marji

4. Someone forgot to steam clean the carpet.

south peel homes-sam marji

5. A classical 1970’s living room.

south peel homes-sam marji

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Top 10 Funniest Real Estate Signs

Have you ever come across some funny real estate signs in your travels? I have taken the time to compile a list of what I think are the top 10 funniest real estate signs around. As they are in no particular order, these signs are funny in nature and not intended to offend anyone.

1.Unfaithful Husband

south peel homes-sam marji

2. Jose Cuervo

south peel homes-sam marji

3. Standard Title Agency

south peel homes-sam marji

4. Mother-In-Law

south peel homes-sam marji

5. Quiet Neighbours

south peel homes-sam marji

6. Haunted House

south peel homes-sam marji

7. 23 Hour Security

south peel homes-sam marji

8. Owner ready to croak

south peel homes-sam marji

9. Wife won’t let me sell

south peel homes-sam marji

10. Painful Experience

south peel homes-sam marji

Is the Neighbourhood You’re Moving to Safe?

You don't want to move somewhere only to discover it's full of shady characters

You don’t want to move somewhere only to discover it’s full of shady characters

“How safe is that neighbourhood?,” is one of the first things buyers ask and some real estate agents can’t answer. As agents, we are limited and can’t give an expert response. However, we can do the homework for the homebuyers and offer a polite suggestion. We can go online and research the area. We can look up local reviews and view crime statistics over the last few years. But that’s not enough! Suggest to your client that they take a walk in the neighbourhood and observe its characteristics. Here are a few things that I feel are crucial to look for when assessing is the neighbourhood you’re moving to safe.

1. Listen to your intuition

If you feel something is not right, then chances are you are right. Go into the neighbourhood and eat your lunch in the local park. If you feel safe while eating then the area is a good fit for you. Take a closer look at that park. I always tell my clients that local parks are characteristic of what the neghbourhood is like. Look around the park and ask yourself, are their condom wrappers and used condoms? Are their used syringes lying around? Do you see empty marijuana “dime bags.” Is there graffiti?

2. Local Police Presence

Neighbourhoods that are characterized as crime riddled and problematic often attract strong police presence. Increased uniform police patrols in the neighbourhood are good indicators that the area is not safe. Next time you are in a particular area, stop a police officer and ask them about the neighbourhood. What better person to ask.

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