Mississauga Waterfront Festival 2014: June 13-15

Missisauga Waterfront Festival is a great annual event that provides donations that help organizations with their outreach programs.

Missisauga Waterfront Festival is a great annual event that provides donations that help organizations with their outreach programs.

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival was incorporated as the Mississauga Waterfront Festival in 1998 and is recognized as Mississauga’s most celebrated Family and Friends event. It has achieved a Top 100 Festivals in Ontario ranking for ten years. The festival attracts visitors from Mississauga, the GTA, many parts of Ontario, and U.S. border cities.

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival partners with local charitable and not-for-profit organizations and provides donations that help organizations with their outreach programs. These organizations include: Lions Club, Scouts, Civitans, St. John Ambulance, Chinese Arts Organization, Community Living, Peel Family Services, Mississauga Heritage, Together for Youth, Don Rowing Club and Mississauga Canoe Club.

The Mississauga Waterfront festival has presented over 600 performers annually that included Main Stage and Children’s headline performers. Past artists included adult performers such as Sam Roberts, Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jim Cuddy, Bedouin Soundclash, Goddo, Steven Page, and Spirit of the West. The children’s stage has in the past featured Max n Ruby, Backyardians, Barney, Dora the Explorer, Babar the Elephant and Shrek. Other entertainment and educational programs included shows about endangered species, conservation, health and wellness, petting zoos, carnival rides, pony rides, clowns, dog shows, face painters, rock-climbing wall, and water ski shows.

A Heritage and Culture stage also features performances by various cultural groups and First Nations storytellers, drummers, dancers and displays. In addition, carnival carts with artisans, arts & crafts and independent local retailers had been included.

For more information on the upcoming Mississauga Waterfront Festival please visit www.tmwf.com

Most Popular Real Estate Listing Sites in the GTA

Most popular real estate listing sites to post a property for sale or find a property to buy

Most popular real estate listing sites to post a property for sale or find a property to buy

What is a Real Estate listing site? A Real Estate listing site is basically a platform whereby participants can list properties for sale. Information about all the homes listed on the site can be readily accessible by the public by either a desktop computer or your cell phone. How is this relevant to anything?
Current statistics show that over 90% of consumers start their search for a home on the internet. This does not come as a surprise to anyone. Conversely, the majority of sellers also use the internet to connect with potential buyers.

With that being said, I have compiled a list of what I think are the popular real estate listing sites in the GTA. These sites are in no particular order.

1. Realtor.ca

This site was created by the The Canadian Real Estate Association. This site allows buyers to get direct access to the public version of MLS. This site is extremely functional and allows the consumer to use necessary fields to perform the most basic search.

2. Thedirt.co
Dirt is a social platform where members share information about condos around the city. Users contribute to Dirt by adding buildings, sharing pictures and providing building details. They can also follow buildings to keep on top of activity from the community and can even rate a building to indicate its popularity.

3. Theredpin.com
The Red Pin is hoast to the largest selection of active listings than any other site catering to the Greater Toronto area. The database includes both active MLS listings as well as new development projects. On top of a large database, TheRedPin provides additional information for each listing. Users have quick access to local information such as gas stations and grocery stores as well as the whereabouts and ratings of the nearest schools and daycares.

4. Zoocasa.com
Zoocasa aims to be the Canadian version of the popular US real estate site, Zillow. The site’s tagline is “home search with smarts” and its in the additional information that Zoocasa provides that really sets it apart from the rest. Zoocasa provides you with demographic information about the area such as average household income, most common occupations and educational level are details not commonly found on other real estate sites.

5. Homebuyers.com
Homebuyers.com is a good listing site for new homes and condos. Homebuyers.com features over 6,000 listings of Canada’s newest residential listings. The site is very simple and utilizes a list view for search results rather than using a map.

Top 10 Funniest Real Estate Signs

Have you ever come across some funny real estate signs in your travels? I have taken the time to compile a list of what I think are the top 10 funniest real estate signs around. As they are in no particular order, these signs are funny in nature and not intended to offend anyone.

1.Unfaithful Husband

south peel homes-sam marji

2. Jose Cuervo

south peel homes-sam marji

3. Standard Title Agency

south peel homes-sam marji

4. Mother-In-Law

south peel homes-sam marji

5. Quiet Neighbours

south peel homes-sam marji

6. Haunted House

south peel homes-sam marji

7. 23 Hour Security

south peel homes-sam marji

8. Owner ready to croak

south peel homes-sam marji

9. Wife won’t let me sell

south peel homes-sam marji

10. Painful Experience

south peel homes-sam marji

Free Market Evaluation – Know What Your Home and Similar Ones are Worth

I create a report that tells you which homes most similar to yours have sold recently and which homes are for sale in your area.

I create a report that tells you which homes most similar to yours have sold recently and which homes are for sale in your area.

The Comparative Market Analysis, also known as the CMA, is a comprehensive guide that real estate agents rely on to provide advice to their clients. CMA’s are generated by a computer program from your agent’s local real estate board affiliation. For example, I belong to the Toronto Real Estate Board.  I have access to CMA’s through my privileges with the Toronto Real Estate Board.  It is through this access that I am able to search public and proprietary data, including tax information, sold transactions and listings that have been inputted by all other members of TREB.

Your agent inputs search parameters into the CMA program for homes for sale or those that have recently sold that are most similar to your home. This information is sorted according to the fields of information such as neighbourhood, postal code, number of bedrooms, number of washrooms, age of the home, square footage etc.

The CMA program then creates a report that tells your agent which homes most similar to yours have sold recently and which homes are for sale.

As a current promotion, I am offering free market evaluation’s to any one of my clients that would like to buy and sell through me. I will price you home for you at market value to ensure a quick sale at top dollar. Also as an addition, I am offering $1000 cash back to any of my buyer’s that choose to work with me.

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What is the Hurontario-Main LRT?

Important factors about the LTR project planned to run through Hurontario, Mississauga

Important factors about the LTR project planned to run through Hurontario, Mississauga

What is the Hurontario-Main LRT? Well, in 2009, the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton began a study to develop a plan to implement a more efficient transportation system along Hurontario street, from the north end of Brampton to the south end of Mississauga. The result was the implementation of the LRT.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a transportation system based on electrically powered trains, designed to be reliable and comfortable. In addition, the LRT transportation system is designed to be convenient and friendly for local residents and tourists. A massive undertaking is currently in operation for the cities of Mississauga and Brampton to implement this system along the Hurontario corridor.

Some of the advantages of the LRT include the following:

Electrically powered
Predictable journey times
Designated lanes
Smooth, comfortable and quiet
Fully accessible
High capacity
Reliable – operates when snow or ice defeats road vehicles

Hurontario street stretch is very important for the future of Mississauga and Brampton. An effective transit system through this corridor will deliver effective, sustainable economic and residential growth. The LRT will meet north-south transportation needs – promoting development along its route – as well as providing connections to GO Transit.

The Hurontario-Main corridor is a heavily travelled route, and is currently facing congestion challenges. Without an effective public transit system this will only get worse as the population grows. One of the key benefits of LRT is that it will provide a reliable, attractive alternative to driving. Building the LRT is estimated to reduce the number of vehicle lanes, but with fewer cars on the road to help increase mobility and transit-orientated development and connectivity.

In closing, I have researched some quick facts that can be used for those residents that are interested in monitoring the progress of the LRT system:

Length: 23 kilometers
Stops: Approx. 28
GO Connections: 3
Subway Connections: None, but it will connect to BRT project which will link to the Bloor-Danforth line.
Projected Start: currently underway
Projected End: Unknown at this time. LRT construction time averages 0.43 km/month

For more information on the Hurontario-Main LRT project, visit www.lrt-mississauga.brampton.ca

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Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival 2014: June 6-8

Check out Streetsville's Bread & Honey Festival every summer - free bread and honey offered!

Check out Streetsville’s Bread & Honey Festival every summer – free bread and honey offered!

The Streetsville Bread and Honey festival is the pride and joy of Mississauga. Thousands and thousands of local residents attend this event each year, making it one of the most historical events in the province of Ontario.

The Streetsville Bread and Honey festival originated due to the many flourmills that made Streetsville what it is today. There are still two prominent mills, Kraft Canada and ADM Milling Ltd. that operate today. With many apiaries existing locally at the time, organizers thought it was only natural to add honey too.

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Is the Neighbourhood You’re Moving to Safe?

You don't want to move somewhere only to discover it's full of shady characters

You don’t want to move somewhere only to discover it’s full of shady characters

“How safe is that neighbourhood?,” is one of the first things buyers ask and some real estate agents can’t answer. As agents, we are limited and can’t give an expert response. However, we can do the homework for the homebuyers and offer a polite suggestion. We can go online and research the area. We can look up local reviews and view crime statistics over the last few years. But that’s not enough! Suggest to your client that they take a walk in the neighbourhood and observe its characteristics. Here are a few things that I feel are crucial to look for when assessing is the neighbourhood you’re moving to safe.

1. Listen to your intuition

If you feel something is not right, then chances are you are right. Go into the neighbourhood and eat your lunch in the local park. If you feel safe while eating then the area is a good fit for you. Take a closer look at that park. I always tell my clients that local parks are characteristic of what the neghbourhood is like. Look around the park and ask yourself, are their condom wrappers and used condoms? Are their used syringes lying around? Do you see empty marijuana “dime bags.” Is there graffiti?

2. Local Police Presence

Neighbourhoods that are characterized as crime riddled and problematic often attract strong police presence. Increased uniform police patrols in the neighbourhood are good indicators that the area is not safe. Next time you are in a particular area, stop a police officer and ask them about the neighbourhood. What better person to ask.

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Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School.

Facts about Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School in the Cooksville community of Mississauga.

Facts about Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School in the Cooksville community of Mississauga.

Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School is an elementary school in the heart of the Cooksville neighbourhood of Mississauga. The school is administered by the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. The school has approximately 502 students between Junior Kindergarten and Grade 8.

Father Daniel Zanon Elementary school is a true landmark for the many residents that reside in the cooksville community. The school is the primary educational institution for families that reside within its boundaries. Hurontario street to the east, Dundas Street to the south, Mavis road to the west and the CP Railway to the north are the boundaries that allow for student enrollment.

The Fraser report released in 2012 revealed that the school received a rating of 5.5 out of 10. The report also reported that the average income for individual households in the area was $52,400.

For more information on Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School, visit their website at http://www.dpcdsb.org/ZANON.

Father Daniel Zanon
450 Hillcrest Ave.
Mississauga ON, L5B 4J3
Phone: 905.279.3722
Fax: 905.279.4015

Principal: Anne-Marie Reilly

Vice Principal(s): Dubravka Brkic

Superintendent: Charles Blanchard

Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Ward 7)

Was This House a Former Brothel? Part 2

It doesn't happen all too often but here's how to tell if the house you're looking at may have been a brothel

It doesn’t happen all too often but here’s how to tell if the house you’re looking at may have been a brothel

Yesterday I gave you my thoughts on some telltale signs I feel are indicative of a brothel. Today I would like to continue the discussion with you and provide you with some additional signs. Once again, I feel that there is very little out there about this topic as it relates to the real estate world, especially in Canada. As a real estate agent, I feel that we ought it to our clients to make them fully aware of the type of place that they planning to rent or buy. So let’s continue.

6. Beds

Next time you are showing your client a condo unit, take a look at the beds. Is there a full bed setup? Ask yourself, why is there only a mattress with no headboard, footboard and box spring? Use your imagination. Need I say more?

7. Night tables

You ask yourself, why is there only one night table? That’s strange. Not only that, you look closer and notice that there is a large roll of paper towel sitting right on top of the night table.

8. Closets

I find that a great deal of clients are always interested in how big the closets are in bedrooms. There’s nothing wrong with that. A quick glance doesn’t hurt at all. So your client now opens the closet and to his/her surprise, they notice not only a large assortment of women’s lingerie but also observe a variety of sex toys.

9. Visible luggage

The presence of luggage in an empty unit can mean one of several things. On the one hand, the sex trade workers not only live in the respective unit but also may be transient and working out of several different locations. They are probably working different locations from time to time and must be ready to leave when required to do so. In addition, these units may be used for short periods of time so as to avert any attention or complaints from neighbouring units.

10. Location of Unit

Have you noticed that the unit you just walked out of is next to the stairwell? It may or may not mean anything to you. However, quick access to stairs avoids elevator wait times in the event that someone had to quickly avert or evade someone.

In closing, I hope that I was able to provide you with some education about what to look for when showing units. The goal of this article was not to turn you into a detective or a private investigator. I just want you and your clients to be aware of what’s out there. As I mentioned in my previous article on grow-op’s, you can always contact your local police department to find out if there has been any police activity at the unit that your client is interested in buying or renting. For the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, call Peel Regional Police at 905-453-3311. You may also go in person to 22 Division Peel Regional Police HQ located at 7750 Hurontario Street, in the city of Brampton. By going in person, you are making a request for an address check through police records, via freedom of information act.

Was This House a Former Brothel? Part 1

Some properties have more interesting pasts than others. Here are signs the one you're looking at may have been a brothel.

Some properties have more interesting pasts than others. Here are signs the one you’re looking at may have been a brothel.

“I think I just showed my client a brothel” is a saying you will not hear too often in the real estate world. Imagine this. You just left a showing with your client. For arguments sake, let’s say it was a condo unit in the square one area. Upon leaving the premise you think to yourself, “something is not right with that unit.” You carefully piece the puzzle together and say to yourself, “OH MY GOD!” that place is a brothel. I would like to share with you some “tell all” signs that the premise you just left is a brothel.

Let’ start by defining the term “brothel.” According to the Criminal Code of Canada, a brothel is a place where people may come to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute. Any place where prostitution occurs is considered a brothel. It’s that simple. A brothel could be a car, hotel or even a detached home. For the purposes of this article, let’s use a condo unit as an example.

In this typical day and age, many brothels are advertised on craigslist and kijiji. You do a quick search and call the number advertised. You communicate with a man or woman on the other end who gives you an address and buzz code to get up to the unit. Upon entry into the unit, you communicate with the sex trade worker who requests money from you and then, well, use your imagination.

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